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About Us


CEBU HIQ MANUFACTURING CORP., has been established in Cebu City since 2005 and is known to be the most trusted water treatment and supplies provider. Our Manufacturing Plant in Lilo-an was built in 2010 and in the following years, we expanded two showrooms located in Mandaue City and Lapu-lapu City, respectively. Our business has grown better and stronger over the years by putting our customers at the center of what we do. Furthermore, we maintained widest delivery across Mindanao and whole Visayas which enable us to reach out with our valued customers. Collaboratively, our business carries;

  • Water Refilling Supplies made of PET materials
  • Eureka Water Dispenser
  • Party Needs
  • R.O. System Equipment
  • Water Treatment Supplies
  • After Sales Service



Achieve leadership in our business by profitable continuous growth, keeping track on technology advancements, dedication to quality and service.



To grow business by providing customers excellent customer service, long term business relationship, highest quality products in accordance with the right specifications and standards that fulfill consumers needs and wants at a reasonable price and after-sales service.

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